Aug 20, 2012

FOR DROGA5 // ASB | Ronald McDonald House | Auckland, NZ

DROGA5 was amazing to work with. If I wouldn't have such good manners combined with a big chunk of shyness, I could have asked for some water filled pillows to rest my knees on while I'm drawing. I love them, professional working call and then we make it happen. Fast. Without looking back. Boom. Boom. BOOM!
The yellow colour is a special wall colour to get a blackboard. Kids can draw and fill out the gaps with chalks. I say YAY to this fantastic idea! 

The major of Auckland. I think I like him. He was really friendly.

So I did some drawings on a yellow wall. The prime minister came and hold his speech. I had my clunky digital camera ready to shoot a pic of him. When he was finished all the people in black cloth raised their arms. On the other end holding a slim smart phone.... click click click.Click!

Thank you DROGA5 and ASB! And thanks to all the peeps in the Ronald McDonald House!


Michael said...

Great to see that your blog is back in business:D

Sorry I missed you, before you returned to NZ. But as I can see, you've got lots of stuff going on over there!

See ya next time in MUC!

PS: Do I have to paint my flat yellow, for you to pimp it up?

fort.denise said...

Hey! na THANK YOU! your comment on why i'm not maintaining my blog any longer was buzzing in my head..and finally got me back into it!

You can paint you room any colour you like except black ;)

yep was pretty busy in the end...but was great that we did catch up! See you next time! I love ISAR trips in a dingy!