Denise Fort
was born in Munich, Germany. Her parents are originally from the Chzech Republic. They moved to Germany for a better life which is why she has a slightly different attitude to most people she grew up with ...

Feeling bored in a normal school environment, she changed to a more creative focused secondary school. After school Denise had several jobs in workshops and for 3 years she worked for Ligne Roset as a saleswoman & decorator.

Finally she decided to become a professional Industrial Designer mainly because everyone told her it was the only way to get paid for her talent and to fight the fear to become a poor artist in the middle of Germany. The security of a clear career path to see ahead attracted her. But her heart felt that she would be better to go Freelance and have time to draw - to draw as much as possible in the short time of life of a human being.

As her family is well travelled, Denise has an adiction for exploring new places with all their novelty. During and after university she was always seeking for more inspiration for her art, so she continued to travel, firstly Indonesia, then India, Sri Lanka, Portugal several times, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. She loves NZ - especially this very special place called Raglan ( Whaingaroa ). Denise stayed for 8 month when she arrived the frist time and finally returned to stay another year. It’s a perfect place for her to live her ideal lifetyle.

It was in Raglan where she discovered that she is also an artist than just a designer. People started to call her an artist and so she accepted ...

about Denise's artwork

The Artwork of Denise Fort is mainly influenced by the last couple of years studying and working as an Industrial Designer. She believes that every little job she has done in her life, from sanding natural wood untill decorating showrooms with design furnitures and accessories, helps her today to find the aesthetic in every single illustration she is drawing. Her style is the result of developing and playing with new shapes. Her approach is to abstract human architecture and products of nature.You will not find any human or living being in her pictures but with an opened mind you will be able to find many friendly characters beyond a shallow view.