Oct 18, 2010

{ FOR THOKK THOKK | Munich | Germany }

THOKK THOKK is 100% organic, Sweatshop Free and FAIRTRADE! If you are interested in more facts and details, THOKK THOKK is talking about its eco friendly production on its website. Learn more here : http://www.thokkthokk.com/ Get a Tshirt in NZ ! limited edition! Where to get... in Raglan - naturally! Volcom Shop, Volcom Lane or Matapihi Art Gallery, Bow Str ..sweet as!


Pollock said...

great !

Volcom Clothing said...

That's awesome! I'll go visit your Volcom shop.

fort.denise said...

haha, that's funny! if you need further directions let me know~ it seems you coming a long way! dont get lost ..follow the good smell of coffee beans....thanks for your comment!