Into the World of Helimarines It is just a tiny piece of the World of Helimarines. Maybe an island, maybe a boat sent by the government of Helimarines. Exploring their existing surrounding to find a new place to settle down. On board they carry their culture including important traditional vegetation and buildings designed by their best architectures. No weapons on board as they believe devoutly everybody will recognize from the first glance their peaceful, friendly and helpful intention.

Helimarines Exploring the World
Where are the Helimarines coming from? Who has built them ? And does anybody navigate them from their inside, or from a place far away? Or are they living organisms by themselves? Why are they flying around and how do they manage to fly ? As our gravity we know wouldn't allow it? They will keep us thinking about even more questions and before we will find some answers we should just enjoy the knowledge of their existing.
From The Bottom Of The Sea A new kind of sea dweller, nobody has seen them before, a mixture of a flower and a sea urchin is floating up from the bottom of the sea.There is no rush to reach the surface of the ocean, they are dancing in the water, giving space to their neighbor and building a beautiful looking swarm.Will they leave the water of the ocean and continue their dance in the air, reaching the sky? Nobody knows, no one has seen them before...
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