THE CAPITOL is a bar in the center of Bolzano. It is a meeting place for people who are searching for their place in this world. They are searching with music, writing, painting, doing graffitis and drawing. You can find the art everywhere in the area, whether at the toilets, a sculpture in between the tables or art at the walls in the CAPITOL Garden. It is a privilege to be part of this very special place in Bolzano.

BlueBamboo TABLE
My fans watching & cheering me! Thanks to all my 3 fans , without you the project wouldn´t succeed like that! I love you all! 
Homage to BolzanoRomance is in the garden, in the CAPITOL Garden!


Gonçalo! said...

I'm speachless! Your work is fantastic! I would love to see your walls live. Is it in Bolzano? One day I hope...

Keep on rockin!

fort.denise said...

THAAAAAAAANK YOUU!!!!!!! Yes it is in Bolzano. In the next weeks I´m going to do a room, and another wall in munich. Maybe one day my black lines are growing up to your place... !

Johannes said...

you coming up with news in this blog when you do a wall in munich again? saw your work @designparours and was very impressed.

fort.denise said...

Thanks a lot !!! ! The upcomig wall-projects are going to be in private households... I think it will be better to publish the work afterwards....and without any adress. ; )
In case there is a public event with my drawings sure I will promote it in my blog. greets, denise