DESIGN PARCOURS is an annual event which takes place in the center of Munich, Germany. A bunch of young designers, artists and agencies showing their projects 10 days long. I got a room for my own to go crazy because I ALSO won the contest for designing the exhibition area for the YOUNG Designers ... As I went through all the trouble of the set up very bravely I have been asked very spontaneously to fill in an extra showroom. First thought GREAT! but then I realized that my pictures will not be enough to fill in the whole room. I had to make up a concept very quickly which could work as a well proved exhibition design. I have never done it before but I just decided to draw on the wall around the pictures to fill the gaps. As it was one day before the show started I had to change the concept slightly into a performance! Drawing while the show is running. I didn't know if it would work out, but I never thought about this ( as there wasn't much time ) - I just tried. And so I drew the first time on a WALL.

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Gonçalo! said...

I wish my plugs and frames were like yours...I wish...

I will try to do something like that.

Keep on!